Mar 252015
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Archi 3.2

We’re very happy to announce the release of Archi 3.2. This latest release of Archi adds some great new features to help you view and validate your models. A new and improved HTML reporting feature allows you to interactively view your models in a browser. This feature has been developed by Jean-Baptiste Sarrodie and Quentin […]

Dec 222014
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Solstice Greetings! I thought I’d write a review of the latter half of 2014 and a brief update of where we are now before we move into 2015. So, what’s happened since the last blog post in July? New Forums In August we moved the forums to a new home at The Google Groups […]

Dec 012014
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Archi 3.1 Released and Plug-in Support

We’re pleased to announce the release of Archi 3.1. This is a maintenance release that fixes a number of bugs and introduces some small, new features. The focus of Archi 3.1 has been to improve the user interface response time when using large models, and to implement stronger integrity checking when loading and saving models […]

Sep 292014
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Archi 3 Released

Archi 3 is here! It seems to have taken a long time to arrive but we’re pleased to be able to release it in time for the Autumn. We’ve worked hard to bring you a new version that is built on the latest version of the Eclipse platform. This ensures that Archi will continue to […]

Aug 182014
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New User Forums

We’re pleased to announce our new Archi User Forums. The Google Groups that we had been using before were proving difficult to use and to navigate. We hope that the new forums offer a better experience in sharing your discussions related to Archi and ArchiMate. The new forums will allow you to upload screenshots, share […]

Jul 302014
 30th July 2014  Posted by at 1:38 pm 2 Responses »
Archi, ArchiMate and Open Source

The Open Group recently published an interesting case study on their blog, ArchiMate, An Open Group Standard: Public Research Centre Henri Tudor and Centre Hospitalier de Luxembourg. In 2012, the Centre Hospitalier de Luxembourg allowed the Public Research Centre Henri Tudor to experiment with an access rights management system modeled using ArchiMate. According to the […]

Jul 292014
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Archi listed in Eclipse Marketplace

As Archi is built on the Eclipse Rich Client Platform, we thought it would be nice to list Archi on the Eclipse Marketplace. The Eclipse Marketplace is a place to find and keep track on Eclipse-based solutions, gathering together and listing hundreds of Eclipse-based solutions.

Jul 252014
 25th July 2014  Posted by at 8:42 am 4 Responses »
What is wrong with this picture? (TM)

If you know ArchiMate, there’s a good chance that you know Gerben Wierda‘s post series “What is wrong with this picture?”. This blog post is both a tribute to his work and an attempt to explain the importance of why you should be aware of the difference between core relations and derived ones. In his book […]

Jul 212014
 21st July 2014  Posted by at 2:33 pm 1 Response »

I think most people in the world of Enterprise Architecture, and especially ArchiMate, are aware of Archi as an approachable and ubiquitous tool that not only provides an easy entrance into ArchiMate modelling, but also has just enough functionality to keep you happy in your modelling requirements. Many individuals and organisations start with Archi, intending […]

Mar 182014
 18th March 2014  Posted by at 2:27 pm No Responses »

We’re happy to let you know that today we’ve released Archi 2.7.1 which fixes a UTF-8 encoding issue when exporting diagrams to SVG.