Jul 022018
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jArchi - Scripting for Archi

Today, J-B Sarrodie and I are releasing a preliminary beta version of jArchi, the scripting plug-in for Archi. jArchi has a long (albeit slow) development history and received a recent speed bump with some funding and feedback from the technical architecture team at Adeo, in France. This allowed us to develop a closer integration between […]

Jun 112018
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This Archi Spotlight has been written by Ad Gerrits. Ad is an Enterprise Architect at the municipality of Nijmegen and works as an independent entrepreneur at AG4IT. He mainly works within the Dutch government and has contributed, among other things, to the reference architecture for Dutch municipalities. He is a fan of ArchiMate and actively […]

Jan 302018
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Archi 4.2 Released

Archi version 4.2 has been released! In addition to some fixes and small features we’ve added support for 2x icons and images so that those of you with high resolution screens will get a better UI experience. Also, we’ve greatly improved the Archi Command Line Interface (ACLI). This has become a powerful tool for those […]

Nov 212017
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Archi 4.1 Released

We’ve just released Archi version 4.1. In addition to many fixes and small features we’ve added support for a Command Line Interface. This means that you can potentially run batch commands without launching Archi in the UI. We’ve added core support and initial support for HTML Report generation for Archi itself, and for the Collaboration […]

Nov 072017
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The Open Group's Conference in Amsterdam - "The ArchiMate® 3.0 Metamodel and Exchange Format – Beyond Modelling Tools"

By Phil Beauvoir & Jean-Baptiste Sarrodie The Open Group’s conference in Amsterdam, October 2017 The theme of The Open Group’s conference in Amsterdam last October was “Architecting the Digital Enterprise – Making Standards Work”. We had been invited to talk ostensibly about the ArchiMate Exchange Format, ArchiMate® 3.0, and how these work together. Archi is […]

Nov 042017
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Archi, the ArchiMate Exchange Format, and Repositories

More and more EA modellers are downloading Archi and getting up to speed with ArchiMate. We’re seeing around 1500 downloads of the tool every week. Because end user uptake is so high, and because Archi is so ubiquitous, we’re also learning about a greater number of developers and start-ups building services and providing solutions based […]

Sep 062017
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Archi 4.0.3 Released

We’ve just released Archi version 4.0.3. The main new features are:  Add ArchiMate 3.0.1 relationship tables – This updates the ArchiMate relationship rules in accordance with the latest revision. Thanks to Ed Roberts for generating the XML file. Faster load times on large models – Models now load much faster, in some cases up to […]

Aug 252017
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Mastering ArchiMate III Available

The PDF version of the third edition of the book Mastering ArchiMate, by Gerben Wierda, has just been made available. This new edition has been updated to align with the most recent version of ArchiMate. The book gives an introduction to the language, then goes on to show you key aspects of successful modeling, and […]

Jun 092017
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Multi-User Repository Development and Archi Roadmap Updated

Now that Archi 4 is out in the wild and being downloaded by enterprise architects throughout the world (over a thousand downloads a week!) we’ve not stopped the pace. Thanks to Jean-Baptiste Sarrodie’s initiative and some French sponsors we’ve been working on a multi-user distributed repository solution so that you can finally share and collaborate […]

May 242017
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Archi 4 Released

We’re very excited to announce that Archi 4 has been released! This release supports the latest ArchiMate 3.0 specification and includes some new features. We’ve re-written a lot of the code from the ground up to support relationships to relationships and all the new concepts that have been added to the specification. It’s been a […]